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Will Africa miss out on the drone business?

Ever since a 2010 Las Vegas electronics exhibition, drones have entered the mainstream.

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Investing in Nigeria, October 2015

UK Funeral Industry, March 2015

Investing in African start-ups: An overview of on-the-ground realities

Start-ups and early-stage enterprises in Africa face many challenges and few survive. Issues range from a lack of business savviness and viable business plans to only a handful of angel investors in most markets.

Africa is certainly on the venture capital (VC) investing map. … Read more

How We Made It In Africa

Opinion: Renewable energy a win-win African investment opportunity


The renewable energy sector is gaining traction in many African countries. Until relatively recently it was nearly impossible to construct a solar or wind farm without a government subsidy – it would’ve been simply too expensive. Read more

How We Made It In Africa